Student Testimonials

This page will have testimonials from past students of Daniel’s creative writing workshops. We’ll be focusing mainly on St. John’s students but will also reach out to some of his students from other universities.

Preetica Pooni’s Testimonial:

Professor Older’s class will always remain one of my favorite classes of college. In him, I found an inspirational friend who encouraged me to search for my creativity and put it down on paper. Professor Older’s class always had a positive atmosphere, one in which his students felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and creativity with one another. In his class, we learned to better our critical thinking skills and learned to read each other’s works, as well as our own, with a sharper eye. Each of us saw criticism as an entirely constructive and positive aspect of the class. I’m glad he taught us that being a writer means commitment to our creative minds and to be able to push ourselves in ways we would not normally. Through our many laughs and endless stories, Professor Older’s class quickly became something to which I looked forward every week.


Aimée Heath’s Testimonial:

It wasn’t long before I became the resident grammar expert in Professor Older’s Advanced Fiction Workshop class. Well, I guess he was really the grammar expert, but I was the one always trying to keep my classmates in check. What was really great is that we all kept each other in check in various ways, both acknowledging and encouraging strengths as well as pointing out areas of improvement in constructive ways. We didn’t start out with the skills to effectively critique each other’s work, though; Professor Older is very much responsible for that. If we gave weak criticism, he was not afraid to call us out on it and lead us in the direction of thinking critically. His class was a lot of work, but it was work I looked forward to doing every week, no matter how much of my time it consumed. Professor Older inspired me to not only want to improve my own writing, but to do all that I could to help my classmates improve theirs. I always knew I liked helping people with their writing and grammar skills, but Professor Older’s class showed me that it is actually a really useful talent that I possess and that I should harness as I enter into a career as an educator. Actually, no matter where my life takes me, I now know–thanks to Professor Older–that I will never stop writing and critiquing others’ writing.


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